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Exploring etching using plastic

With my cat napping baby, the day is broken up into blocks of 5 or 6 chunks with 20 minutes to 2.5 hours in between where I have hands free. About a month ago, I wanted to start drawing again, and the opportunity to play with some ideas I had been thinking about during many hours of sitting on the couch feeding a newborn could start to take shape in a small, slow way. 

Digital print gives me a lot of opportunities for design that I haven’t had the chance to explore before. I am really interested in the tension between tradition and technology, and how a technique like etching can be translated into a digitally printed textile in a way that captures the essence of a handmade process. 

Etching many small marks into plastic and experimenting with applying different weights of printing ink.

These are then scanned at a high resolution to play with further in photoshop. The process is repetitive, sometimes meditative, and makes some really satisfying textures.


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