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About + process

& artist statement

I move through the world and the environment as an observer. Wild places should not be owned or possessed. Humans are visitors here.


It's overcast under the bush canopy. This hidden landscape seems like it's sleeping today, but it's not quiet. Leaves from thousands of trees turn over and over, a continuous rattle interrupted only by the long, slow drawl from a flock of Currawongs somewhere in the distance. 


Seed pods shift around like ball bearings between the dry soil and the sole of my boots with every step, in front of me a tiny bloom is illuminated from a sliver of light from the rainforest canopy.


Before I leave, there is a moment to record, to sketch or photograph, but the capture never looks as good as it did in the original moment with the sounds, smells and light.

On the journey back to town, I pull the sketch book out of my bag and flick through. These physical evidences trigger the feeling and memory of being within these places and give space for the plants, smells, details and colours to live in my head for now. They swirl around for days, weeks, months. 


Back in the studio, when there is quiet lapse in time, sometimes they tumble out onto the page again as etchings, a quick inked sketch, or as small printed motifs.

Once again I able to live within the moment and the feeling is magic. Eventually the page or idea looks right and it seems like a good time to commit and hit 'print'...


Reality and imagination come together as continuous printed linen lengths.


Each design is rendered by hand using a rich mixture of traditional textile and mark making techniques including screen-printing, mono-printing, etching, ink painting and resist techniques. 
The beauty of these marks are then captured through high definition art scanning.

Artwork is then made into a repeat pattern composition before being prepared as a finished design file that is sent to our printer. You can have a look at this process on the blog here.


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Sourcing & sampling

Colour, texture and quality all need to be just right before final prints are produced.

These details are tested through a series of 'strike offs', or small tests of the print on selected base cloths.


Once final decisions on colour, scale and base cloth are made, the design is finalised and the fabric can be printed.


Read more about our choice of print processes and commitment to a sustainable textile studio here. 

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Textiles produced by the studio are intended for use with interior projects. The studio strives to create designs with a timeless, understated feel that can be lived with for many years.

Fabrics currently in the range are suitable for low-traffic upholstery projects, cushion covers, light shades, art prints and drapery.

As all prints are digitally printed, there are options for alternative base cloths, including for commercial upholstery, on request.

You can find out more about how to order samples, custom base cloths, and how to care for fabrics in the range via our FAQ page here.

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