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A note on sharing work in progress again and wasting time on my iPhone

I really wanted to share this journey as a way to document things and connect with anyone else taking small, slow steps towards a project, bringing creativity into their lives or finding a new routine. It seems fitting after a year where many conversations are centred around change, whether that be personal, community based or a global view. 

A common conversation I have had with many an artist or designer: do you share your work in progress? 

In the past, I have really disliked sharing my work along the way. It felt like having someone look over my shoulder, and created a self imposed expectation and pressure to finish the design or idea. I don’t really enjoy work being commented on that is not finished. When something is in view or discussion, there are always bound to be comments, compliments, critiques or maybe worst of all - silence. These can be really contaminating to a process and affect outcomes and finished work in one way or another.

Being fully aware of my own sensitivities, I am going ahead and sharing work in progress anyway. So why would I do this now? It has to do with the kind of work I want to make, that is, digitally printed textiles. 

When printing something by hand, the making process is happening regularly, an ongoing part of creating beyond the design process. Working with digital printing, the making process is managed by a machine, but is often still present within the design process. The making that happens along the way sometimes gets a bit lost and overshadowed by the final outcome. 

By documenting this project, I wanted to capture the sometimes unseen artist/designers hand and traditional print processes that can be embedded in a digitally printed textile. 

I don’t couldn’t have gotten back into this mode of documenting and sharing without using a blog. I can’t quite put my finger on why just yet, but something about using instagram and other social media solely as a mode of communication for my studio with a community of great people I have met at markets, shops, socially or online over the years has me a bit burnt out and disinterested. I am really interested to know if other people feel this way and why (?). If you are reading this and want to share your own experience or start a conversation, feel free to email me personally or add your thoughts below.

For me, I think it comes down to the way I use social media. I am way to distractible to spend too much time on my phone. Even checking something quickly can turn into a time wasting vortex on and instagram accounts of people accidentally injuring themselves in hilarious or drunken ways.

Box of sketches, collections and etchings from the past month. Have been keeping this on the table to dip in and out of during the day when Jannis naps.


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